When new clothing brands appear, usually the person behind them wants to enter the limelight as well. Yet, during our interview with those at ESTATE, we were told firmly that they want their clothing to do the talking.

The UK brand are yet to release a product but 2017 could well and truly be their year. When asked about their ambition for 2017, they replied: “We want people to respect our designs like they do Supreme and Palace. That’s the target. We aren’t here just to make up the numbers.”

Ambitious? Yes. Achievable? Who knows. The fashion industry is a harsh place. Many come and go but there seems to be a different vibe here. Two years of research before even thinking of the design process suggest so.

“We wanted to make sure we understood what we were getting into before committing anything. Some brands just see their name on a T-Shirt but it’s bigger than that. There’s marketing, branding, finance and everything else.”

When ESTATE finally completed their research and began branding, they went through a fair few ideas. “We originally liked the premium look with our logo being a graphic of the number eight in sign language. Yet as we grew as people, our brand altered as the streetwear look is now more appealing. We like simple, we like creative but the most important thing is that our clothing needs to be striking. We want everyone to know it’s ESTATE.”

The “streetwear” look is not something niche, however. Lots of different cultures effect style, just compare Ameican streetwear to that of English designs, highly contrasting. We wanted to know more about the look ESTATE were after.

“The clothing is inspired by many things. American culture is appealing, yet we have to stay true to our roots. We are a UK brand and that’s something we need to be proud of.”

So we’ve discovered a bit about this brand, yet, UG wanted to know more. Why clothing? What does the future hold?

ESTATE replied in their typically ambitious fashion. “Clothing has always been something we’ve loved. Vintage is cool, seeing what our parents wore and watching it come back into fashion is crazy. We love the thought of people wearing our designs. ESTATE want to be the brand people want to wear.”

And so our time with the brains behind ESTATE came to an end. If we learnt anything from this interview, it’s that these new kids on the block are here to make the whole estate theirs. Watch out.


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