Three hidden disses in Free Smoke on Drake’s More Life playlist

Since the release of Drake’s More Life album, fans have been trying to figure out the meaning behind the lyrics. Drake is known for his sub-plots and clever lyrics, whether they are ‘ghost-written’ or not.

The 22-track-playlist has lyrics that grab the listener’s attention all the way through, but here’s three flows in ‘Free Smoke’ that immediately made an impact on the Underground’s ears:

Drake’s trying to take the Game

The Game and Drizzy have been on the same side throughout the beef with Meek Mill but a lyric in ‘Free Smoke’ suggests times have changed.

“I brought the game to his knees”

The Candian rapper personifies the ‘game’ by using the word ‘his’ instead of ‘its’ which could be seen as a diss.

However, no one has really picked up on this flow and the Game, who normally is quick to Instagram whenever he finds something he doesn’t like, hasn’t taken any action. Maybe Drake is talking about the rap ‘game’ after all.

Kid Cudi is in the firing line

The beef between Drake and Kid Cudi started when Cudi went on a Twitter rant towards big names such as Drizzy and Kanye West, suggesting they show him no love and that they use ghost writers.

Drake built the beef into his lyrics in the song ‘Two Birds, One Stone’ resulting in a reply from Cudi on Twitter. The Cleveland rapper asked Drake to “Say it to face” and Drake has finally responded in the track ‘Free Smoke’.

“Please come outside the house to show yourself so I can say it to your face”

Drake’s flow links to the health problems, depression and suicidal thoughts, that Kid Cudi has had recently that has meant he has been housebound.

It seems illness doesn’t stop Drake, if they go for him, he’ll go back at them, no matter what the circumstance.

Drake STILL isn’t done with Meek Mill

Nicki Minaj must be laughing to herself these days. A beef that started with ghostwriter accusations quickly became about her. Both rappers have dated the star and Drake recently had Minaj feature on his tour, despite not being on the album.

Yet, Drizzy went back to the beginning to address Meek’s ghostwriter diss.

How you let the kid fighting ghost writing rumours turn you to a ghost”

This line applies to both Meek Mill and Kid Cudi, who have both accused Drake of having someone else write his lyrics.

Yet, the famous beef between Meek and Drake hasn’t come to an end, and like his track, it seems Drizzy is trying to kill two birds with one stone. Both rappers on the receiving end of this diss have been significantly inactive recently and it looks like Drake is currently winning the war.



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