Three of the most missed features on Drake’s More Life playlist

Having been available for over a week now, fans have had a lot of time to listen to Drake’s newest playlist More Life. With such hype around the release, many features have been given valuable airtime by the Canadian star, with Black Coffee and Jorja Smith just two of the people been thrust into the limelight by Drake.

The UK got a good dose of features also, with Giggs featuring on two songs while Skepta has his own interlude and Dave appears as a sample.

However, Drake left some big names of his album, such as Bryson Tiller and Future, but who were the biggest misses?


Although we just mentioned that Skepta featured on an interlude, it was just a track by himself. He wasn’t a feature of a Drake song. In fact, the title of the track is ‘Skepta’s Interlude’.

BESTIVAL Festival On The Isle Of Wight

Drake and Skepta in a song together work perfectly, as shown in their overlay to the Wizkid ‘Ojuelegba’ beat. The London rapper flows faster but Drake’s versatility makes songs produced by the pair great.

If Skepta featured like Giggs did on More Life, they album would be even better than it already is.

The Weeknd 

The OVO/XO family usually come together in making big tracks, yet Drake’s only mention of The Weeknd comes in a one-line shout out to the XO star.

The Weeknd’s ability to reach such high pitches would make him a perfect feature on the track ‘Teenage Fever’, however, Drake instead opts to sing the lyrics himself. It still works well, but the Weeknd’s unique sound would fit the song perfectly.

Nicki Minaj

Initially, here at the Underground, we thought that the album didn’t need Nicki Minaj. However, after our twitter poll asked ‘Who was the biggest miss?’ many fans tweeted us with Nicki Minaj’s name.

Minaj’s rap style always work well with Drake and she is capable of dropping bombshells in her lyrics that may have added another talking point to this album.

She figured on Drake’s tour yet wasn’t in the album, strange.


Here’s the link to the poll, tweet us with who you feel is the biggest miss on Drake’s More Life playlist, and while your there, give us a follow.



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